1st International meeting “Colorectal cancer: progress and prospects”, 2018
May 18 2018
18 May 2018

1st International meeting “Colorectal cancer: progress and prospects”

  • Hotel Royal Olympic, Athens, Greece


The challenging role of general practitioner in the screening and diagnosis of CRC – Prof. Christos Lionis

Colorectal Cancer and Nutrition – Prof. Vaios Karathanos

Colonoscopy in CRC screening – Dr. Nina Markoutsaki

Biomarkers in CRC – Prof. Thomas Thomaidis

Adjuvant therapy in stage III colorectal cancer – Dr. Ioannis Boukovinas

Descriptive epidemiology of CRC – Prof. John Triantafillidis

Diet and prevention of CRC – Konstantinos Xenos

Education of medical students in digestive oncology – Anna Theodorou-Kanakari

The role of Helicobacter pylori infection in colorectal carcinogenesis – Dr. Vasilis Papastergiou

Immunotherapy and beyond: Future immunotherapeutic strategies in treatment of colorectal cancer – Dr. Katrin Göpfert

Introducing and attracting medical students to the world of digestive oncology – Dr. Orestis Lyros

Metabiotics: Their protective role in the pathogenesis of CRC – Prof. Adamantini Kyriacou

Molecular Pathological Classification of Colorectal Cancer – Dr. Calypso Barbatis

MRI colonography in CRC – Dr. Ioanna Tzovara

Nursing care of CRC – Katerina Souliou

Nursing care of patients operated-on for CRC – Despoina Tsilimigra

Pitfalls in CRC diagnosis – Prof. Theodoros Rokkas

Preoperative/neoadjuvant treatment of CRC liver metastases – Prof. Markus Moehler

Psychological support of patients with digestive cancer : The role of relatives and the patients’ associations – Dr. Spiros Kalimeris

Radiotherapy for CRC – Dr. Evangelos Maragkoudakis

Stomas care – Dr. Ioannis Kalemikerakis

Stool DNA test and FOB test in the screening and diagnosis of CRC – Dr. Vasilios Panteris

Supporting Patients with Colorectal Cancer – Anastasia Pasakopoulou

Surgical treatment of liver metastasis – Dr. Evangelos Tagkalos

The multidisciplinary management of CRC – Prof. Ulrich Güller