• Amalia Hotel, Athens, Greece

2nd International Scientific Meeting on Digestive Cancer “Gastric Cancer: Progress and prospects 2019”

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  • Hotel Royal Olympic, Athens, Greece

1st International meeting “Colorectal cancer: progress and prospects”

Lectures: The challenging role of general practitioner in the screening and diagnosis of CRC - Prof. Christos Lionis Colorectal Cancer and Nutrition - Prof. Vaios Karathanos Colonoscopy in CRC screening - Dr. Nina Markoutsaki Biomarkers in CRC - Prof. Thomas Thomaidis Adjuvant therapy in stage III colorectal cancer - Dr. Ioannis Boukovinas Descriptive epidemiology of CRC - Prof. John Triantafillidis Diet and prevention of CRC - Konstantinos Xenos Education of medical students in digestive oncology - Anna Theodorou-Kanakari The role of Helicobacter pylori infection in colorectal carcinogenesis - [...]